This is about imparting knowledge, skills and abilities to support you as my client in achieving a certain goal. This is about personal goals and dreams in which we find our fulfillment and meaning in life. Life coaching is a person-centered conversation in which, as a coach, I support my clients in developing their potential and achieving positive changes in your or several areas of life.

Learn about it:

  • Is life something coaching for you?
  • Have you decided it is time to make changes personally or professionally?

Take a minute to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would I like more organization?
  • Am I wondering what to do next?
  • Am I wondering why I am unhappy?
  • Do I long for better relationships?
  • Would I like to boost my self-confidence?
  • Tired of feeling stressed out?
  • Am I afraid of not having enough money?
  • Am I wondering what your real purpose in life is?
  • Am I in transition?

“Talking can interfere with productivity in workshops, especially when the talk has nothing to do with the subject matter for which the workshop attendees have paid. I can tune it out when it is among fellow artists but it bothers me greatly... when it is directed to me while I'm trying to focus on my painting.“ (Sarah Atkins)