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Victor Jarawan
Psychotherapist/Behavior therapist

Clinical psychologist Psychotherapist/Senior Lecturer- UAE. Licensed clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist/ Behaviour Therapist, Social worker in Germany. Qualified and skilled psychologist, psychotherapist, behavior therapist, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
A good team player with remarkable ability to form a therapeutically beneficial relationship with clients. Highly developed leadership qualities and crisis management skills/ deep empathy and personal guidance. More than 15 years’ experience in education, pedagogy and high schools student counselling assisting students with personal, family, educational, mental health, or career problems. Coaching, staff development, performance management, training, career counselling, academic advising/ Recruitment, personal development and personal performance.
Mental health and psychological support in provision of therapeutic services, community, individual and group mobilization by psychological and medical programs− integrated with health services. Long-time experience in integration and immigration support by Asylum and refugees and training. As well as crisis intervention.

Gabriele Schwan, MBA
Business Coach BDVT

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